Modeling Lee Gang Doo: A Polymer Clay Tutorial

Who here fell in love with Lee Gang Doo in less than half an hour?

Hmm, yes, I thought so. And, with Just Between Lovers ending today, I’m just not quite ready to give him up. So, I have made a detailed tutorial on how to make your own “Fight Me” Lee Gang Doo.

Good for: Affirming the love Gang Doo deserves on a daily basis.

What You Need.

Black Clay

White Clay

Green Clay

Brown Clay

Beige Clay

Med. Square Cut Out

Small Circle Cut Out

Liquid Clay

Rolling Pin

X-Acto Knife/Blade


Wire Cutters


Paint Brush

Dotting/Needle Tool

Black Paint

Red Paint

White Paint

Brown Paint

Pink Paint

Let’s Get Started!

  • Take white clay and black clay and mix until you get your desired gray color.
  • Flatten with a rolling pin and make a circle cut-out. Set aside for later use.
  • Make a conical shape with a flattened top about a half inch in size.
  • Take your black clay and do the same, but slightly smaller than your gray cone.
  • With your needle tool, press lines into black cone to make them look like pants
    • Front: One line vertical. Three lines horizontal on either side.
    • Back: One line vertical. One line horizontal on either side.
  • Press your gray and black clay together to make the body.
  • Roll out green clay.
  • Make a rectangle shape slightly longer than your torso. Wrap around torso to make a jacket.
  • Take more green clay and make a log about an inch. Cut in half.
  • Press at the top to make arms.
  • With black clay, make two small oblong shapes for shoes.
  • At this point I suggest washing your hands and getting off any green that may have stained your hands before working with the beige clay.
  • Take a sliver of beige clay to put at the top of the torso for the neck.
  • Make a large ball for the head, two tiny flattened disks for ears, and two small balls for hands.
  • Snip your eye-pin in half, and stick into the neck and place the head on top to help for stability after baking.
  • For the ears, eyeball it, but they should be below the halfway mark of the head.
  • Put the hands on the end of the arms.
  • Bake this with a square cut out of black clay at a slightly lower temperature than the package recommends.
  • Once your figurine has completely cooled, brush a small layer of liquid clay on the head and by the ears for sideburns. I use Sculpey’s Bake and Bond.
  • Take a flattened piece of brown clay and press onto head. Basically give him a receding hairline. Take two small triangle looking pieces and place next to the ears for sideburns.
  • Put a flattened log across the back of his head. And a rather thick flattened circle at the top to act as bangs. Lightly blend together.
  • Take a dotting tool or needle tool (something with a pointed end) and just make little lines everywhere. Be as messy as you want because Gang goo’s hair is a mess. Doing this will also help blend in any harsh lines that didn’t get blended. For the top and bangs, create a wavy look by making arcing lines over top one another.
  • When that’s done, lift the bangs away from the head a bit so they aren’t pressed down and, in the back, create a ledge with your tool to a give a more defined hairstyle.
  • Bring back your liquid clay and dab some at the bottom of the feet and at the center of the black square you baked earlier.
  • Take a small bit of black clay and press into the feet and then stick Gang Doo on the square piece. Check to make sure he’s straight and bake according to package directions.
  • Once Gang Doo is completely cooled, we can paint a face!
  • Using brown paint and a dotting tool, make two eyes.Small eyes hehe.
  • Take black paint and paint on two lines on top of the eyes, a nose, and a frown.
  • With white paint, make two tiny dots on the eyes. Take pink and make two dots under the eyes. Then paint on two eyebrows with brown paint.
  • To complete his face, mix red and brown paint and paint on a scar on his cheek and at the corner of his lip. Once semi-dry, scrape it up with a needle tool to give it a jagged/scabbed look.
  • To finish, glaze the figurine and let dry. I use a polyurethane water-based glaze.


The Blue Bottle Tree blog has lots of tips, tutorials, and information regarding polymer clay. Take a look at these 10 tips to get started in polymer clay.

Have character requests? Let me know who you’d like to see in Mini Form.


Author: Leticia Victoria

As a stay at home mom and a kdrama addict, I’ve dedicated more of my growing free time to writing and continuing to learn more about sculpting and polymer clay.

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